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Working Papers

  1. Data-Driven Contract Design (with Maxwell Rosenthal)

  2. Statistical Uncertainty and Coarse Contracts (with Maxwell Rosenthal) R&R at JET

  3. Intertemporal Allocation with Unknown Discounting (with Kyle Woodward)

  4. Violence, Size, and the Origins of Inequality: The Rise of Large Societies in the Neolithic Revolution (with Richard H Steckel and John Wallis)

Published or Forthcoming

  1. Reserve Prices Eliminate Low Revenue Equilibria in Uniform Price Auctions (with Kyle Woodward) Games and Economic Behavior, 121, 2020, 297-306.

  2. Uniform Price Auctions with a Last Accepted Bid Pricing Rule (with Kyle Woodward) Journal of Economic Theory, 185, 2020.

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  6. Allocating Group Housing (with Francis X Flanagan and Amanda L Griffith) Social Choice and Welfare, 50(4), 2018, 581-596.

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